“I live my daydreams in music.”

My next Emerson Mystery is taking shape. An up and coming jazz musician has gone missing. “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music…” ~ Einstein

My Old Friend 3:33am…

…We meet again. Why do I wake up to you on so many mornings? Why you, why not any other time? Are you my unconscious reminding me to seize the moment and write down random story ideas, or dreams that I may forget once I am fully awake? Thank you?

This is Really Happening

I found an Editor to work on the first three stories in my series of Detective Mysteries, narrated by a SF Missing Person’s Detective. On her excellent suggestion, I will be packaging these “novellas” three to a book. Each is a stand alone story, beginning in San Francisco, then taking the reader to wherever the…

A Day of Rest

Forming new habits as I begin this new chapter, I’m starting every day doing a “free writing exercise” for 30 min. No rewriting, no censoring, just letting it flow. And, making one day a week a “Day of Rest”. No writing on works in progress. No research. Not being in pursuit of anything To my…

Ode to a Typewriter

  Oh, manual typewriters… With names like “Aristocrat” “Olympia Splendid” and”Quiet De Luxe”. You remind me of a simpler, if louder, time. I’m grateful for all things tech, but, some of the romance is definitely missing.

Gathering material

  “Life for a writer is simply gathering material” – Nick Flynn Only just now starting to realize I’ve been “gathering material” my entire life.

Perception vs. Reality

  It may look like I’m sitting here eating a slice of cheesecake, and drinking a cup of coffee. But, what I’m really doing is deciding what to do with the main character in my new Missing Person Detective Mystery. Will he be found dead or alive?…I love my job!

On not reinventing the wheel

  I’m trying to go to at least one author event / reading a week. I always learn something new. I frequently discover that I’m already on the right track! Like, leaving room in your outline, for the unexpected, so, you feel excited about doing the actual writing. And, knowing when to stop doing research…

Work in progress

Working on a series of Detective Mysteries, narrated by a SF Missing Person’s Detective. Each story begins in San Francisco, then takes the reader to wherever the clues lead. Also a work in progress, is my ongoing education about traditional vs. self-publishing. Just found out about a great resource for book cover designs!…so much to…