Write Anyway…..

…Even when I don’t know what I want to write about. …Even when I question everything. …Even when I’m feeling overwhelmed by everything else going on in my life.

To my great surprise…

…I find myself writing a Science Fiction novel! I wake up from dreams with entire chapters somehow transcribed into my brain. Am writing it all down as fast as I can…  

Who is this woman?

Went to the Monet exhibit in San Francisco. The woman in the painting is Monet’s wife. This image is still haunting me. What’s her story?

My Old Friend 3:33am…

…We meet again. Why do I wake up to you on so many mornings? Why you, why not any other time? Are you my unconscious reminding me to seize the moment and write down random story ideas, or dreams that I may forget once I am fully awake? Thank you?

Gathering material

  “Life for a writer is simply gathering material” – Nick Flynn Only just now starting to realize I’ve been “gathering material” my entire life.